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The organization Digitale Stadt München e.V. aims at actively shaping Digitization. As a vivid platform for exchanging ideas and initiating joint initiatives the organization link entrepreneurs, founders, educational institutions and media representatives. Members share the ambition to influence innovation processes actively. Building on the innovative power of digital metropolis Munich, the organization wants to strengthen the business location Germany as a whole. For this purpose, the organization advocates the promotion of young talents and invests in digital education and training.

Founding Board of Digitale Stadt München e.V.

Vorstand der Digitalen Stadt München e.V.
Founding Board of Digitale Stadt München e.V. f.l.t.r.:
Michael Zaddach, Benno Rott, Dr. Ralf Schneider, Prof. Dr. Claudia Linnhoff-Popien, Stephan Schneider, Aleksandra Solda-Zaccaro, Carsten Hochschon
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